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Join me as I walk around the globe, one block at a time, having conversations with people and listening to their stories.


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Diego Downtown – U Street – Washington, D.C.

Once Around the Block Diego Downtown Portrait

Join Diego Downtown and I as we walk around the 14th Street and U street Corridor in Washington, D.C.. Diego is a men’s lifestyle and fashion blogger/influencer and talks about how his experience in retail and corporate jobs led him to where he is today. Diego has several projects in the works including DM202Live which […]

Kéthévan Gorjestani – Journalist with France 24 – in Dupont Circle -Washington D.C.

Once Around the Block - Kéthévane Gorjestani - Edmond van der Bijl

Full video Coming Soon! Walk with Kéthévane Gorjestani, #journalist at FRANCE 24, living in #Paris but in town for the #thanksgiving holidays, in the Dupont Circle #neighborhood of Washington, District of Columbia. Kéthévane transitioned from reporting on #internationalaffairs, covering #protests, #wars, #politics, to covering #sports after the #parisattacks to take a breather from the #intensity […]

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