Interview with Lexi Bella, International Street Artist and Fine Artist, East Village, Manhattan, NYC

Walk with Lexi Bella, an #international #fineartist and #streetartist, past her #mural at the Centre-fuge Public Art Project in the East Village, Manhattan #neighborhood. We’ll walk past more of her #artwork as Lexi talks about having to be a good #business person in order to be a #successful #artist, what it’s like being a #singlemom in a creative field, and how #everyone is a bit #creative, in their own way. Awesome walk and talk, thanks Lexi! 🙂


Lexi’s Website:

Lexi’s Instagram:

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Once Around the Block is a video series in which I walk around the block with people and have conversations with them. Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2017 by artist and content creator Edmond van der Bijl.

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